Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Unthinkable

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Motherhood caught up with me. The Hot Chocolate 15K, sponsored by Hershey was today. But alas, I was not there for the run nor the "chocolate heaven" that was laid out for participants afterwards. My mom was supposed to take the girls overnight last night, and this was going to work out great b/c hubby works most Sundays at the church, with the first Sunday of each month being the most hectic. Long story short, my mom "called in sick," and my stand-in babysitter couldn't b/ guessed it, she was running also. So let's just say I encouraged 4 people to run (Annah--who ran 9+ miles in 1:22:and some change-daaaaaaaaaaaang!), Melba, Sheena and Nicole) and no-showed. AND I was supposed to also meet up with other fellow runners Lou and Angela--and no-showed. I suck, and as a chocolate lover, I'm sad.

And on another mommy note, I'm off to visit WebMD. Zoe has mysterious spots on her hands and feet. Uh-oh.


Lou said...

We missed you. I was all pumped to show you my ring. We need to plan a lunch or dinner or something to catch up. Oh, and "chocolate heaven" had an insanely long, sllloooowwww line.

Summer said...

dang, you missed all that chocolate!!! It's tough being a mother when you're faced with the decision of chocolate or good parenting!

Jaime said...

this happened almost 2 weeks ago... are you still out there?