Sunday, July 20, 2008

CREATURE OF HABIT forming food obsessions

Ok...this is terrible. Well sort of, it's not horrible for me, but can't I do anything in moderation? On Friday at work, I really wanted Potbelly's (a local sandwich joint) that for those of you not priveleged to have one, let's just say it's miles ahead of Subway, and I guess maybe a LITTLE bit similar to Quiznos, just not the overwhelming menu selection.

Anyhoo...I spent about 30 minutes at my desk "building" the right sandwich that would a) take me away from my usual turkey, and b) somehow be around 7 WW points, which is a little tough to do...arguably the only thing that makes Subway better than Potbelly's. Anyway, I found that if I got the Pizza Sub, minus the pepperoni, but add a craptastic load of mushrooms, add lettuce, onion, italian seasoning and another craptastic load of tomatoes (I missed you so, dear tomatoes), that the sandwich, even still with cheese, was at 7 points. SWEET.

So after my PT (physical therapy) session I braved the 90 degree heat and hit up Potbelly's. Um...the sandwich was SOOOOOOOO good. SOOOOOOO good that I stopped by the closest Potbelly's to my house on Saturday to have one. And today, the closest one to church to have yet another. That is INSANE, isn't it???

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