Monday, February 1, 2016

January Wrap Up

100 miles - check! (100.3)
Total running miles - 30.27 miles
Longest distance - 9.1 miles run/walk
Biggest challenge - 9.1 miles run/walk miles with a fever! Never sweated so much, and was dizzy as soon as I finished.
Proudest moment(s) - more run/walks with longer run stints of walk 4min/run 1mi, and one stint at 1.75 miles.

Room for improvement - fitting in strength training; it's happening, but not as frequently as it should.

February goals:
100 miles
Long run/walk: 10 miles
Run 2 straight miles
●12 strength training sessions
●Establish half marathon training schedule for half marathon at end of April

Since beginning my walking/running back in August:

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