Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Is it that hard out there in the dating world these days? I guess maybe it is, but...

...maybe I'm just cynical, but this email I received from CARA makes me wanna VOMIT.

p.s. on that 2nd story, the girls and i saw this on live tv before we headed downtown to cheer runners on at the end of the course.  Jada yelled "YOU'RE RUINING YOUR PACE!!!  RUNNNNNN!!!"  (I'm raising her right. Or totally wrong, you be the judge.  HA!)

Dear Lindy ,

Love could be just a few miles away! Join CARA or renew membership and you might run into the person of your dreams!

CARA is devoted to expanding, motivating, supporting and celebrating the running community of Chicagoland. CARA connects runners (to resources that enable them to run-farther, faster, better, for life).

Don't know if CARA is right for you? Read the REAL testimonials from runners just like you that found love in their path.

Benefits of Membership also include: 
  • CARA Training for beginners, your first marathon, or a Boston qualifier 
  • Social runs for camaraderie and fun 
  • Compete in CARA Circuit Races: a local race competition for individuals, clubs and corporate teams 
  • Help us improve running in our community through volunteer and advocacy programs 
  • Receive entry discounts to over 100 local races 
  • Discounts to CARA partner services

Meet Emily & Mike
From Marathons to Marriage


"As an avid runner, I love that running, and specifically CARA, brought me and my now-husband, Mike, together. We first met because we lived in the same building in Chicago. One day, Mike came by to chat and noticed a marathon training plan on my coffee table. "Are you training for the marathon?" he asked. "I was thinking about it," I answered. Secretly, I was intimidated by the prospect, but loved running and wanted to challenge myself. "Oh, well I just signed up for the marathon and I'm training with CARA," Mike said. He explained what CARA was and how they gave you a training program and met for the long runs on the weekends. This sounded perfect to me. Mike offered to take me next weekend to sign up.

Mike and I drove together to Montrose each weekend [to train]. We truly got to know each other during these runs and talked about anything and everything. In late July, we were officially dating. A few months later, we finished our first Chicago marathon together in 2004.

Mike and I married in 2007 and have had many happy runs since our first. We like to joke that "the family who runs together, stays together." We also tell our single dating friends to join CARA!" - Emily
Meet Stephanie & Mark
Love From Start to Finish Line


CARA members Stephanie and Mark, married during the 2015 Chicago Marathon. The CARA family played a major match-making role in getting these two together!

Stephanie: Mark and I got to know each other over the course of many Saturday morning long runs, and by the Ready to Run 20 miler, we had become good friends. After finishing the 20 miles and enjoying my post-run massage and Lagunitas Runners High-P-A, I was ready for brunch and headed for the bus.

Mark: Stephanie ran faster than the group did and by the time the rest of us arrived, she had finished her beer and said she was getting ready to leave. I had only had one sip of my beer, but I abandoned it and seized the opportunity to spend some one on one time with her.
On that bus ride, they talked about their love for travel, and Stephanie told Mark how much she wanted to see polar bears someday.

Their group leaders from that summer, Bob, Marty, Jackie Budziak, and Alina Carrillo, began to conspire behind the scenes. Their efforts did not go unnoticed.
Mark: Bob made sure the two of us always ended up sitting next to each other at brunch. He tried to be subtle about it, but we figured out what he was doing.

Three weeks after the Ready to Run 20 miler, Stephanie ran the Chicago Marathon and Mark ran the Marine Corps Marathon.

Following their respective marathons, Stephanie and Mark continued to run with each other and other CARA runners. They started dating in December 2013 and were engaged a year later.

Mark: As one of Stephanie's friends told me, who knew that the secret to finding the perfect girl wasn't staying up late and going to bars, but getting up early on Saturday mornings and going for a run?

Here's to many more miles for another happy CARA couple!
Meet Craig & Emily
Getting Their Heart Rate Up


"I was new to Chicago when I joined CARA to meet new people and train for my first marathon. Craig also joined CARA to train for his first marathon, but admits to wanting to "meet women." We first met at Goose Island in Wrigleyville for the Spring Half-Marathon kick-off party. As a new group leader, I welcomed Craig and invited him to sit next to me, or as Craig puts it, "Emily picked me up at a bar." Regardless of the telling, we continued to see each other after training, and of course ran many marathons together (Austin, Champaign, Chicago, etc.).

We are so grateful to CARA and to the "hobby" that brought us together. So much so that our wedding day was not complete without inviting our friends (CARA members included!) and family to run in the first annual McMeyers 5k!" -Emily  

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