Sunday, November 8, 2015

Crazy dream

Only it wasn't crazy because it happens all the time in Chicago. Every. Single. Day. I was walking out of a gas station convenient store (dream indication 1) and I was apparently the last customer, as they were locking up after I left. (Dream indication 2.) 

As I left, two men ran up to the door banging on it. Clearly they'd planned to buy something. They almost cracked the door, so the manager and cashier came out. As I was getting in my car, they shot the cashier at point blank range in the chest. I looked, jumped in and drove down an alley. I heard them shoot again. I heard one yell something about "she saw us!" I pulled out from the alley and saw one of them running across the street, still shooting. He saw me but was in full escape mode now, so he didn't raise his gun at me.

I was at the stop light trying to call 911 but it was dead...wouldn't ring. (Not inconceivable, when it's busy, sometimes it doesn't connect right away, believe it or not.) So then I called Bob, but woke up before he picked up.

Lately i have been struggling with the philosophical question of "why do I stay" in chicago. It's just too much. The violence and the constant's not just the bad neighborhoods. It can happen anywhere to anyone. Top that off with the abominable school system? Why? So I can have a higher cost of living just to be close to the lakefront?


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