Monday, October 19, 2015

in a slight monday morning funk

I find myself in a funk today, and I suppose that is ok.  My run/walk at the gym was tedious at best. I couldn't get my breathing together and felt so exhausted, despite a decent night's sleep.  maybe it was the lights I left on, or hearing the toilet running and being too tired to get up and jiggle the handle. maybe it's after a great weekend with bob, being back to not seeing him for a bit. maybe it's the busy week ahead, with cookie orders, ballet for jada while keeping zoe occupied for several hours at a time, my 3 hour board meeting with said nonprofit ballet school, the fact that the bears lost to the most terrible team in football, or baseball games not going the way I want them too.  Mostly silly stuff.  I'm fine. It's just one of those "I'd rather lie in bed and watch tv all day" kind of moods.

le sigh.

thanks for listening. or reading, rather.

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