Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Q: What is 10.1 and 2%?

A: Pounds lost and bodyfat percentage lost since I kicked my "i'm gonna walk til the wheels fall off" thing back on August 10th.  That's cool. I can work with that. </p>

(And ok, it's not really THAT much walking.  And, ahem, I actually RAN one of those miles. But walking and really trying to stick to that 90/10 rule of 90% of what goes into your mouth is good quality food. Not bullshit, lean cuisine diet food, but stuff like plain yogurt with blueberries and kashi go lean crunch. If I was really a badass, I'd toss the kashi.  Baby steps. baby steps.)

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Lou said...

Way to go Lindy! I finally just had a spark of motivation to get back on track, and it's encouraging to hear that you've had those results just since August.