Monday, September 14, 2015

Evil lurks around every corner...

Look what popped up in my inbox today...ever since I ordered Chicago's best ever LEGENDARY Garrett's popcorn for a work-related event, I landed smack dab onto their email list. If I weren't in such a good spot right now, I'd be tempted to stop on by. I passed up their smoked cheese flavor earlier this summer.

(Sorry BB, I didn't even tell you about it either. smoked cheese. Mmmmmm. Insert drooling Homer Simpson image, blog right!)

I mean, their popcorn is expensive, so this is a major deal. For a minute I even thought, "oh, we could drop by after the schools, at least the girls could have some." But nah. They don't even really get the hullabaloo around it, since it's not really on their radar screen. They've had it maybe a few times. Anyway, thanks but no thanks! I'll pass. Regrettably so...but passing nonetheless. RSVP 0, not available.

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