Monday, April 6, 2015

Run #23 (from Friday)

What's with my super-late posts for my runs? (I'll do better.)

2 miles; 25:48 (pace: 12:54) I took off from work since the girls were off from school. Even though it was nice outside, I went to the gym because I needed to get in some strength training. Every moment of this run SUCKED! Bleh! BB seems to think it was because it is a totally different time of day than when I normally work out. That's quite possible, plus I'd hit my back+bi muscles pretty hard right before running. Back+Bi muscles are my very least favorite to do, while I feel like a champ with chest+tri, and a bonafide rockstar with legs+shoulders. (Especially legs. My legs are strong.)

Anyhoo, I started all positive like "I'm gonna switch my run/walk from 4:00/2:00 to 3:00/1:00, and it's gonna be AWESOME and I'll end up with a slightly faster finish time! You go, girl!" Bad idea. Though the time is generally the same as what I've been clocking in at with my run/walks, mentally the entire thing was one ginormous struggle. I switched from 3/1 back to 4/2 after the second interval. Oh Lindy. It will get better, but for now, if you're going to cover the distance at your 4/25 half marathon, you're just going to have to be satisfied with being slow.

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