Saturday, March 28, 2015

Run #20

Total: 2 miles; 25:53; Pace 12:57; run/walk. At like 5pm.

Miles this month: 27.5
Miles this year: 70.3 <-----that's a half ironman distance (over like 20 runs but whatevs...details schmetails.)

My knees have been barking ALL week. I figure since it's both, they're just sore from ramping up. 

Tomorrow is the Shamrock Shuffle. (And good news, NEXT year's race is on 3/20, even closer to St. Patrick's Day.) Been totally on the fence about running, and even when I picked up my packet I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna run. Low 30's, windy as hell (30mph winds with 40mph gusts.) but it's the temps that bothers me. Running in cold air without having run in it can send my lungs into a real fit. 

But now tonight I'm feeling like "oh just go ahead and do it." I have nothing to prove. I dunno. Even as I went to get my packet, I was like "what are you doing? All this traipsing all over the city to get a packet blah blah blah for a silly 8k?" Meh.

Rotten attitude, right? I guess we'll all find out in the morning if I'll be running or not. If I do go, I'll surely be wearing my freebie Dunkin Donuts hat from the NYc marathon that they passed out to keep us warm in those frigid winds. Sigh.

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