Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday 13

A random smattering of things on my mind.

13. I'm still doing my strength training--but I haven't really found out a way to talk about it on my blog. Maybe there's an app or something? I'm excited about my progress though. Maybe I should do a weekly or monthly recap? I don't know. But maybe it's not that interesting to anyone but me. Hmmm.

12. Have you seen the running movie (documentary?) called "Desert Runners"? BB and I watched it on Netflix. It follows a few runners whose goal it is to run this series of 4 ultramarathons in 4 deserts. Several thoughts: 1) for those who yell or hold signs along the marathon course saying "you guys are all nuts" and stuff like THESE people are nuts. 2) Not a ONCE did I see/hear anyone talking about Gatorade. Hmmm. Still processing that. 3) There are two things that are really messed up, one of which I recall reading about when it happened. The other? Nevermind...we can talk about it another time. Anyway, it's interesting enough, I suppose. I wouldn't  wanna spoil it for you. I didn't realize deserts could actually be in cold climates. File that under "You Learn Something New Everyday." Anyway, consider checking it out.

11. Speaking of extreme cold, I've noticed that first thing in the morning at the gym they have the heat up on the "make my eyelids sweat" setting. This means it's (excuse me) BUTT ASS HOT when I'm running on the treadmill. Yesterday morning me and two other people were are like one big collective MEHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I did noticed that later on when I came back down from doing weights (since the girls were staying home from school I had extra time that morning) the heat had finally leveled out (and apparently dude at the front desk had thawed out. Not saying anything yet. I suspect these -30 wind chill temps won't last forever. And if they do, I've got bigger problems than heat at the gym.

10. I have a thing for "people." I love people watching, and I often like watching documentaries on people and their ways, because it's a way to see what makes people tick. I am also attracted to people who are very gregarious in nature (not attracted like woo-woo, but attracted like "like to be around those kinds of people."). I like people like this in my life, and will watch them on tv, too.  I enjoy watching people that are way different from me--which is one of the reasons I really like Patty Stanger on Millionaire Matchmaker. Say what you want about "reality" shows and dating shows, but I really like how she has a good read on people. She seems genuine to me. I like her, and I bet she's fun to be around.   

9. Maybe I like these kinds of people partly because I am NOT so outgoing. I guess I used to be a long time ago. But on the flipside, I do have fun with small talk with people I don't know. I will carry on a brief, seemingly engaging conversation with a waiter or cashier. I know that for me, sometimes the simple "hello" and an acknowledgment that 'I am present' is enough for me. A little human interaction goes a long way. Since my job moved into a more populated area and is actually in a building with other offices, I've taken up the art of small talk. It's almost like a game to me: I like to think of all the different ways I can initiate it, and not say the same thing over and over, AND an almost equally important element of the "game," be the first one to initiate it. The main place I do this is in the elevator. "Cold enough for ya?" (A Chicago standby--not at all original.) "Another day, another dollar, right folks?" Stepping off the elevator I might say "TGIF my good people!" The. Dumbest. Stuff. Ever. But for some reason it cracks me up inside. I bet those people in the elevator think I'm a nutjob. But that's part of the fun! (You might ALL be thinking I'm crazy by now. You might all be right.). I also chat up the cashiers at the 7-11. And the owner of the pizzeria across the street. There is something refreshing of that juxtaposition: a familiar yet anonymous face. I see you every weekday. We chat. I don't know you, but I would notice if you were suddenly gone. On the way to drop off my older daughter at school, I see this same mother and daughter at a corner we turn on every day. Every day. They might be a little late and about a half a block from the corner, or we might be running late and they're already halfway across the street. It's been bitterly cold and they're wrapped up like Eskimos. People watching...good stuff. I asked my daughter if she'd noticed them everyday and she said no, but I bet she will now. Or maybe not...


8, There's some new horror flick coming out that I keep seeing the commercial for. Women In Black 2, or something like that? They chant the Lord's Prayer. I'm not particularly religious, but I do not mess with religious-oriented horror films or even the slightest hint of it. The Exorcist? Oh HELLZ no. Rosemary's Baby? No ma'am! The Omen? Child, BYE. ((shudder)) 

7. I prefer entertainment that makes me laugh. Larry David was on Howard Stern yesterday. It was a great interview and probably like all fans that were listening, I reminisced and laughed and felt like I got to know him a little bit. Before I ever even knew the word "sarcasm" as a kid, I knew I thrived on a different kind of humor. Thanks to Larry David, sarcasm reigns supreme in America these days. He has a Broadway show that starts in a month or so, and I need to be sure to get out to NYC on a plane and see it. I NEVER do stuff like this. NEVER. Interestingly, on the flipside of my aversion to horror films dabbling in some religious undertone, I revel in religion and comedy. We people (as in ALL people) are really funny, especially when it comes to religion. One of the best Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes was when he found his birth parents in the Midwest and realized that he in fact was NOT Jewish, renounced it, started wearing sweater vests, and was singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" in church BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (guess you had to see it.) anyway... 

6. For the past few days I've been craving fried chicken for some weird reason. ??? And specifically, the chicken fingers in the hot food "pay by the ounce" bar at Mariano's. So actually it's cool, because you can just get one and it's quite satisfying. 

5. My knees and toenails doth protest my running. #keepgoing 

4. There's a new Fleet Feet opening this Saturday on Southport in Lakeview. I'm excited! And I don't know why! It's not like it will be different than the other stores! 

 3. Have you ever written off a family member before? I've been contemplating it. But at the same time, why be "ceremonial" about it? Why not "just be done?" Because honestly I have a great desire to tell him what I think before making said departure. Why is that important to me? Sigh. I'm probably devoting way too much energy into this.

2. This is a boring, choppy Thursday 13, isn't it?

1. Sort of vaguely related to my love of small talk is "greeting cards." HUH, you ask? How so? Well my small talk is related to wanting to spread a little sunshine. I see cards in the same way. I love giving the random card to people. But lately, the card industry has stepped up its game. I use cards to decorate. Or that my intention anyway. 

These top two are cards from Trader Joes of all places. I thought they were lovely and decided to frame them. They are on the wall in the small hallway by the girls' room. And then World Cost Plus Market also has great cards. I bought two of those on the bottom left and middle from there. Sometimes I intend to give them to people, but then I keep them instead. And other times i do send them to people. My grandmother has always sent me random cards and they make me feel so good inside. I get sad knowing that in her old age, someday it will be the last card. Anyway....someday I will finish framing my cards and intersperse them with framed pictures of people in my life.

This has been a weird Thursday 13. Thanks for hanging in there if you're still reading.

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