Sunday, January 18, 2015

A momentary glimpse of kickass arms

Of course you all know--if you've been reading awhile--that I've been fairly consistent with my strength training since 2013. There are certain muscle groups in which I'm pretty damn strong, if I do say so myself! (Quads and triceps!)

When the weight does come off, the rest of the world will see my work.

As I showered after my 5.87* miles at the gym this evening (yesterday at this point), I noticed my arms. Okay, I'm going to divulge a little known secret. I always make a muscle with my arms---first the biceps, and then I check out my triceps and chest muscles. Do I see anything? Is there evidence? 

And I DO! Yeah, there's more "padding" than I might like, but I can definitely see muscles. I even felt like there is a chance I could shuck my sleeves by summer. (I've had an aversion to sleeveless shirts since college days when I famously bowed out of my sorority's stepshow because they decided to go with the sleeveless outfit.) the only time I've worn them in recent memory was a few times in 2012 when it was really hot and I was like 30 pounds lighter. Being able to wear sleeveless running shirts means an automatic increase in comfort level in June, July and August. Yes, I have been known to forego comfort for personal pride. Sue me.

Anyway, that little stint in the mirror tonight was very motivating. I'm doing the right things in the gym, I need to pick back up my cardio and eat right. My dietician said 90/10. Do right 90% of the time. Honestly lately I might not be at 50% every other day is a struggle. But I felt it all kinda click as I was looking in the mirror at my arms. Don't waste your hard work over some friggin late night snacking.

Anyhooooooo.... I'm wide awake at 2:55 in the morning, with plans to go to the gym in the morning. Hmmm.


*but Lindy, I thought earlier on your blog you said you walked 4 miles, what's this 5.87 all about? Well my astute friends, after I ran I did a tabata on the bike at :10/:20 for 10 "rounds". :10 low intensity, :20 at the highest intensity I could possibly eek out. This was 5:00, then a :30 cooldown. And somehow I clocked 1.87 miles. This is rocket speed for me. Rocket. Speed. 

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