Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Behold! I bring good (running weather) tidings!

Do you see this? DO YOU SEE THISSSSSSS?????!!!!!!!!!! Don't look now, but fall weather running is coming! I secretly LOATHE those runners who say things like "Oh, I LOVE running in the heat." Or those non-running friends who remark about that 80-degree Sunday morning by saying "That must have been great weather for your race yesterday, eh?" NO! NO, it actually WASN'T. (But thank you for acknowledging that I was out running while you were sleeping off your hangover. Must be nice to have a life.) Ok but seriously, folks...I spy the first 40-degree mornings in the forecast, which is fair game for me calling it: fall weather running is coming!

 Disclaimer: This does not mean we won't have any brutally hot days ahead. This does not mean humidity isn't something we still don't need to consider. And by no means does this mean we still couldn't have the hottest Chicago marathon ever in October. But it's still a good sign. Be gone, SUMMER! May fall live on perpetually, and may the Old Farmer's Almanac's talk of a harsh winter be nothing but untruthful garbage.

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