Wednesday, July 23, 2014

run #92

How much: 3
How long: 33:24 (11:08 pace)
Where: neighborhood
When: 7:20pm/63 degrees
July miles: 56.10
Total 2014 miles: 339.10

Whoo this WEEK! Forced in a run because my mornings are when I'm most productive and I've been using that time to work---kicking off my days at 4am this week. Tired, but got my run in.

Dead rodents spotted while running count: 5!

A rat. Now I'm no forensic rodent specialist, but I'm guessing it's been there since late Monday-ish. Its carcass has seen better days.

Next up? Esprit de She race. I'm registered for the 5k, however of I'm feeling extra spry, I might do the 10k.

I'd better go to sleep, I'm getting back up at 4am. I did doze off a little earlier though.


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