Thursday, June 26, 2014

run #77

How much: 3
How long: 33:50 (pace 11:17)
Where: neighborhood
When: 7pm/60 degrees & foggy
June miles: 37.37
Total 2014 miles: 272.00

Felt great in my first mile at 10:38, but slowed it down, couldn't keep up that pace. Another Tu/We/Th midweek runs success. Finally making up for 9 days of nothingness at the beginning of this month (due to moving and the resulting exhaustion.)

Dead rodent spotted while running count: 3

Squirrel. 2nd rodent of the running season. I think Ravenswood Ave, which abuts the Metra train tracks catches rodents off guard. Trains are loud, and maybe they're not hearing cars. When I hear a train I'm all like "OMGggggggggg what the heck is.....oh, it's the Metra, you big dork."

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