Wednesday, June 25, 2014

run #76

How much: 5
How long: 59:07 (pace 11:49)
Where: neighborhood to lakefront
When: 6pm/60 degrees
June miles: 34.37
Total 2014 miles: 269.00

Eventually I need to up my midweek run. Probably a teeny bit early for 5 miles but whatever. I took it easy. This time of 59:07 includes .25 walking (one time at .15 and another at .10) It does NOT include stopping at Sheridan Road for traffic on my way to the lakefront and back. It also does not include about a minute of stretching at a water fountain on the lakefront path. (During those moments, I paused Ye Olde Garmin.)

I needed to run tonight. When things aren't necessarily going the way you'd like, take it out on a run. Or a workout. Or something else positive. It sure beats eating whatever your forbidden treat is, or whatever other destructive behavior you might turn to--if you're one that is easily affected by stress or other emotions.

At one point during the day today I was like "f it, I'm going to get a pop." And once again I had to talk myself off the ledge. No, one won't hurt, but it's just not good for you. And it won't end with one. It'll be another one tomorrow. And another one next week. And another the next time I'm a little annoyed. At what point will you take responsibility for the choices you make?


Anyway, 5 miles! And even when I claim to loathe evening runs!

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