Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday 13: a "ghost" story

So I saw the pic below on FB about the creepy things kids say and it reminded me of the time we had recently moved into a house (have since left-divorced-yadda yadda yadda) and Jada had an imaginary friend of sorts. Today's spooky Thursday 13, right after this FB-nabbed image:

13. All of the sudden one day, jada, not quite 4 years old, started talking about her friend Crystal.

12. It wasn't for a few days that I realized Crystal was NOT a kid at daycare, but in fact, she informed me that who she'd been playing/talking with was In the house.

11. Awwwww, my little baby has an imaginary friend!

10. And then a few days later when going to bed--we had this HORRIBLE ritual of me sitting in their rocking chair until they fell asleep--she said "I don't like crystal anymore, she tells me to do mean things."

9. Ho. Lee. Shit.

8. What kind of mean things? (Acting calm as heck, way calmer than you might suspect.)

7. "I don't wanna talk about it." (Breathe breathe, everything's fine, there's always an explanation.)

6. Next day I casually asked what Crystal looks like and was told how pretty she was and she wore a beautiful brand new dress that was very frilly.

5. She said she stopped wanting to play with Crystal because she would always hide. (What do you mean?) well, we play and then she'll go back into Daddy's office and then I can't find her.

4. (His office was at the northeast corner of the house. Closest spot (inside) to the backyard. The backyard that abutted the alley. The alley with the big cement walls. The big cement walls separating the neighborhood from massive, historic cemetery.)

3. She then clammed up and stopped wanting to talk about Crystal. So I didn't push.

2. Then one night while she was playing in her room she excitedly called to me "Mommy come here, I can show you where Crystal lives." I said "maybe another time," because i was frightened beyond belief. The view from her upstairs bedroom was a little piece of the backyard, the alley and mostly, the cemetery.

1. I can't explain that crap. She doesn't even remember the stuff now, but it did freak me out at the time--and still today a bit, I suppose. One more reason I'm glad we're gone from that place.

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