Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's the simple things: I had a PB&J sandwich for dinner, a pre-workout carb/protein mix...and wow was that was GOOD!!!! (And a small can of soup afterwards.)

Just say no: Fitbit officially recalled (voluntary) the fitbit Force today. (I don't know what that means for the previous recall. Unofficial?) They're coming off the shelves and a new product will replace it, supposedly. I say no! I'm keeping mine, I've had no troubles.

Magic carpet ride: I love my short hair. But dangit when I need a haircut I feel like there's a carpet on my head. Sheesh. I have one person who cuts my hair so I hafta work around her schedule.

I think my windshield wipers died tonight: no really. I think my windshield wipers died. Frozen. Even after 20 minutes with the defrost on, and then chipping away with my snow removal brushy thingy. They. Are. Jacked. As of last night this is Chicago's 3rd snowiest winter, and I lived through 1 and 2, both in the late 70's. What's that you say? I don't look like I was alive in the 70's, let alone old enough to remember those winters? Aww, thank you!

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