Sunday, March 30, 2014

Run/Walk #38

How much: 4.8 (ran 3)
How long: 1:06:27 (3mi run= 36:27; pace 12:09)
Where: home to lakefront and back
When: 5pm
March miles: 65.47
Total 2014 miles: 127.72

Walked an easy-paced warmup from home to Sheridan Rd (.9 miles) then started my run, making my way over to the lakefront path, down past Foster, turning around when my Garmin read about 1.55 miles into the RUN portion of my trip, returned back and stopped at 3 miles. During the run, I walked for 3 short stints (.10; .10; and .07). Having a little trouble adjusting breathing back to outdoor running, but experience tells me that will come soon. I walked back home but made a quick pitstop for a chocolate milk from Walgreens.

During my cooldown I reminded myself that in a few months, 3 months will be a warmup, not my longest run in months. Not discouraged at all, in fact quite the opposite. ENcouraged.


What a month this has been!

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