Sunday, January 19, 2014

Run #8

How much: 3.13
How long: 43:00
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Hyde Park
When: yesterday
January miles: 25.76

Did shoulder + legs workout, then struggled for another treadmill session. Knee still sore, but put in a few more valuable miles. Wanted to do 2 straight, but ended up with this instead:

Walk .28 (5:00)
Run 1.5 (18:00)
Walk .3 (6:00)
Run .5 (6:00)
Walk .53 (9:00)

On another note, in the evening I completed Day 25 of my 30-day ab challenge. I did a 95-second plank, 160 crunches, and 60 leg lifts.

I'm down about 5 pounds since I started using my fitbit on 12/30 (most notable change is tracking my food against calories burned--what a novel idea, eh?) 5.2 pounds to be exact. Didn't lose much the first week but now it's coming off.


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