Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday 13: 13 things I love about myself

I sometimes have the habit of thinking about things i DON'T like about on the flip side, I thought it would be good to acknowledge 13 things about myself (physical, personality, etc) that I really. (I wrote this and was about to hit send and it was still Thursday...and then I got a call from BB. Maybe I'm the only one who cares that it's no longer Thursday and I'm posting a Thursday 13. Hmmm.)

13. Freckles. I have no idea where these freckles on my upper cheeks came from or exactly when they appeared, but I really like them.

12. My memory. It's faded some over time and isn't as sharp, but I've always had this crazy ability to remember the most random dates or occurrences. It's started early. When I was a kid I described a memory to my mom and she freaked out because she remembered it too...and apparently the memory was from when I was 18 months old. I still remember birthdays of friends in elementary school that I haven't since since the 1980s. But if I met you in the last decade? Nope.

11. My hair. I think my short hair is super cute. And if I just got my eyebrows threaded? Fagheddaboutit!!

10. My day-to-day interactions with people I don't know. Strangely I can be anti-social when it comes to hanging out with friends or co-workers (partly by nature of the mom thing) but I was like that before kids, too. Started in grad school, I suppose. I'm a movie, go out to eat kinda girl, not a club girl or a lets hang at your place kinda girl. But I love talking to the cashier at the store, or the lady at "kid's klub" at the gym. I see my world as a huge play and there are starring roles, supporting roles, extras/walk-ons, and one time appearances. But they all play a part. Is that weird? I believe in the notion that I am "a friend to all mankind." A "hello" or holding the door for someone else or whatever can make the difference for someone going through a tough time. It's also an acknowledgement that we are all important, we are social human beings with thoughts and feelings and needs. Maybe this sounds cheesy, but...

9. My slight OCD habits. They're harmless but funny. Counting on stairs, my 1-2-3-4 movements/counting while washing my hands, the "need" for even numbers in things (when I was younger I baked a lot and would freak out if there was an odd number of cookies; piles of laundry-even number of jeans or shirts piled next to each other must be even, for example). These are minor compared to the heavy-duty OCD people you hear about.

8. My sense of humor and sarcasm. If you don't like sarcasm, you probably shouldn't hang out with me.

7. I'm a news-hound. Traffic backup? I'm on the case to determine why. Is that a fire off in the distance, let's find out. I check the Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, and the New York Daily News all day long on my phone. Huffington Post less frequently. My friend in NYC and I have this unspoken competition of who is first to break major news to each other (eg celebrity death, school shooting, etc). It started with the death of Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace back in 1997 and we've been at it ever since. It's also the biggest diss to hear "oh yeah, I heard about that." In other words "you ain't breaking no news to me GIRL!" Hahaha we're weirdos. BB calls me LNN as in Lindy Network News. Lately I've thought about abandoning the practice, however. The news can be so depressing.

6. My grammar skills. I won my 5th grade weekly Eagle Eye award regularly...and have been rolling ever since. Once my best friend in high school sent me a letter because she was mad about something. I corrected it with a red pen and sent it back to her. Ha! (Yes, she's still my friend.)

5. My will. I left college for a year and came back when everyone thought I wouldn't (they all told me that later.) With 2 days to decide, I chose to uproot and move to NYC for grad school. I arrived with $400 in my pocket, knowing one person, and was sure I'd make it just fine. I moved to Detroit not knowing a soul. I (finally) left an unhappy marriage because my happiness and peace of mind comes first before anything. I finished a marathon injured. I didn't do all of these things without friends or encouragement, but I did them nonetheless.

4. My strength. "strong is the new strong." In other words, strong has always been "in," and nothing can compete with the strength you possess. I'm in week 24 of my commitment to completing 24 weeks of strength training and loving the results.

3. My nose. I really like my nose.

2. My curiosity. I always think of questions about the most random things. Like, who wrote the banjo song in the Menard's commercials? (Menard's is a regional hardware store.) Google is a friend of mine. Sometimes I do what I like to call "Wiki- surfing," which is my made up "game" to start with the featured article of the day on Wikipedia, then "surf" through Wikipedia via a link in the entry. I jump from subject to subject via links, never staying on the same topic/entry. There is so much information in the world to learn.

1. I'm an early bird. Well, not lately because I've been so tired that I'm not these days. But I love that I can wake up without an alarm before the sun comes up. I enjoy that quiet peace of the early morning hours--my soul thrives on it. Especially in the summer.

And on that note, I'd better get to bed. It's WAY past my bedtime.

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