Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 11

Kicked off Week 11 of my strength training. I was telling BB, my unofficial trainer that I feel stronger than ever before...muscle-wise. Yesterday on my DAY OFF I did an outside workout that consisted the following components:
--running up a grassy hill (which I swore every time I got to the top that I was gonna fall);
--walking back down;
--running from bottom of the hill over to this picnic area;
--doing 10 push-ups (I opted for "girl" push-ups;
--10 crunches; and
--10 dips off the picnic table bench.

I did this 5 times and felt like "I might barf." BB and I sat a bit and discussed how I did, he'd remarked earlier 5 was good and that I could probably do another one. And then I hopped up and said I'd do one more...

And after THAT one I really felt nauseated. Bleh! But that's ok! That just means I'm pushing myself.

I'm feeling great and I feel like I can see differences. I'm quite pleased, and this can only help
My running later.

Apparently the running was about .7mi yesterday. Today I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and felt ok.


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