Monday, August 19, 2013

This here blog

Every once in awhile I think about shutting my blog down. It's usually after a really bad run, when I'm feeling sorry for myself, or just want to get away from the world. "Most of my posts don't generate comments," I rationalize. "Nobody would miss me."

But then I'll start going through my race reports over on the right. Old details once forgotten come to life. I'll see how much I've grown, and how much things are still the same. References to my now 9- and 7-year olds when they were still riding in strollers.

And then I realize that my writing here is as much for me, more than anyone. Some of my race reports are funny. I can see how hard I was on myself...and could i possibly be doing the same self brow-beating now?

I'm far from the perfect runner, and in fact I've had a lot of rough times. But somehow in the end I still finish.

I had a great running season last year only to be followed up by a frustrating year this year... I don't know what this means. I'm taking steps now for improvement, and maybe these race reports from 2013 will be a long distant memory. Don't know.

All I know is that I should just keep going. Don't quit. Same for this blog.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should continue writing your blog. I like to check in and see what other runners are doing. Regardless of how you may feel about a particular run or race, the good thing is that you always attempt to do your best and always finish! There is something to be said about finishing especially after the tough runs.

And don't worry about the number of comments. When I blogged, no one would comment on the page but they would email about a particular post or even call me to discuss which is kind of funny. I look forward to reading more running posts from you.


Nicole Kesten said...

Definite continue writing.. i am also super excited about you getting into tris.. they might be just what the doctor ordered. Here are some thoughts for newbies on my other blog:

Excited to read about your new journey!

Lindy said...

Thanks Dustin and Nicole! And Nicole, thanks for the links.

Lou said...


I started composing a blog in my head recently about what it means to be an "anonymous" blogger--or a blogger who doesn't have tons of followers commenting constantly and sometimes it's like, what's the point? But then I look back and I've got this awesome journal of the last almost eight years of my life, and that's worth it to me.

Keep writing Lindy! I'm reading (although it takes me a little longer to catch up these days).