Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things that crossed my mind on my short run this morning

13. It’s kinda cold out here (29 degrees) for it to be closing in on 60 later today.

12. I’ve been using this Garmin on bootleg mode since last year. Time to get it looked at. Shit costs too damn much to not work the way it’s supposed to.

11. (At around 7:35ish) Oh snap, I just remembered that I have a 9am meeting that I’M RUNNING, I have to cut this down to 2 miles…every minute’s gonna count.

10. I don’t feel so bad today! Good.

9. Running Pet Peeve: People smoking along my route

8. That dude just looked at me in disdain. Kiss my ass!

7. I’m not sure where the lakefront path actually starts or whether I’ll reach it before my turnaround.

6. Guess not!

5. I hope the girls don’t pass me on the school bus…”lil bit” is mad that she has to ride the school bus even though we got our car situation squared away. Ahh well…sometimes you just gotta do stuff for YOU.

4. 1/3 of a block walking break is not bad at all. That and being stopped to cross Sheridan Road…good stuff. Much better. See? Getting better already.

3. How am I gonna run 5 miles on Sunday? (SHUT UP, SELF! One foot in front of the other. And if you have to take walking breaks, so be it.)

2. Am I crazy to think somehow I’m gonna turn this into being prepared for a half marathon by the end of the month? Eh…maybe…but crazy is sometimes a good thing. I’m gonna parlay this crazy into finishing 13.1 miles, one way or another.

1. I missed you, running! I think I’m gonna like running in my new neighborhood. (Cue the chorus to the Annie musical song: I think I'm gonna like it heeeeeere!

And later upon looking at mapmyrun, I found that it’s exactly 1.29 miles from the major intersection near my place to the lakefront path, and 1.17 miles from the girls’ bus stop. I was just a block or two away from it before I turned around today. NIIIIIIIICCCEEEE! My reward for going farther will be my beloved Chicago lakefront.

EPILOGUE: Made it to work with 1 minute to spare. Even had time to make a smoothie before walking out the door. Amazing how fast you can move without little people in the midst! :)

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Nicole and Scott Kesten said...

happy you got in a run AND got to your meeting on time!