Friday, February 8, 2013

It's all fun and games until they call you back for that 2nd mammogram

So less than 24 hours after that mammogram I got the dreaded call back. "There's a mass, something, we don't know what it is, we really need a closer look" something something something "next available appointment" something something something. STOP THE RIDE, I WANNA GET OFF! I was soooo scared. I wish I could say I spent the week poised and balanced, awaiting my follow-up appointment, refusing to react. But instead, I was a mess all week. I could go into great detail, but I'll spare them and cut to the chase: I don't have breast cancer. I don't have anything, but apparently some benign cysts. Benign, according to what are, I'm told, very stringent guidelines in order to make that diagnosis. And did you know that benign cysts stay that way? They don't just turn into cancer or something. So...I'm ok now after a week of being a total basketcase, annoying those closest to me, I am sure.

What I also learned in talking to people who have dealt with this or similar women's health issues is that these sorts of callbacks happen frequently, and that it's the approach by nurses/technicians that makes all the difference. Telling me there's a mass (etc) is probably not the best way to start the conversation. Knowing now that VERY often women are called back, especially after their first mammogram, especially if they're larger sized coconuts--well that stuff is good to know. (Am I still so childish that I can't say BREASTS? Why yes, I believe I am.) So apparently large "dense" ones often look like masses, when they're actually just busy being "dense tissues." What an inexact science, eh? Anyway. I'm ok. I should have typed through all my fears here. Talked about my sleep deprived few nights, worrying about things.

Aaah well.

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Lou said...

I'm so glad everything is OK -- My heart dropped when I read the title of this post*. I would have felt the same way. And, I agree, the delivery of the message makes all the difference.

*The second time I read it because the first time, I thought is said, "monogram," which didn't make sense.