Thursday, December 6, 2012

Did I ever do a race report for Chicago's Perfect 10k/10m Race that was, uh, not-so-perfect?

No? Well here it is: IT SUCKED!

Is that it? Yeah, pretty much. It started a half hour late because parking was too crowded. Because numbskulls apparently didn't think that getting into Navy Pier would be something that they should consider some sort of time factor for. Race organizers: The race was on the lakefront path. let them suckers start when they finally get there, don't penalize the rest of us WHO HAD TO PAY REGULAR PARKING RATES BECAUSE THE THOUGHTLESS RACE ORGANIZERS DIDN'T ARRANGE FOR DISCOUNTED PARKING FOR THE THOUSANDS OF RUNNERS HEADED THAT WAY. tick tock tick tock, dollar here, dollar there. And before someone goes all sustainability-guru on me, transit to Navy Pier is terrible during the middle of rush hour, let alone on a Saturday morning.

I don't even need to rant anymore. I got a medal. I don't even want a medal for a 10K. That's kinda lame to me. I gave it to my youngest and haven't seen it since.

I don't plan on running this hot mess of a race ever again. I could bitch and moan more, but what difference does it make? None. Race Report: DONE.


It's 1:39 am, and who the hell knows why I'm wide awake. I was looking at my blog and realizing how NEGATIVE this post sounds. So in case you're thoroughly disgusted and ready to cross my blog off of your reading list, might I point you to my favorite race report of the 2012 running season to change your mind? Click here. Aaah. THAT was a good day.

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