Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Your 2013 Chicago Marathon...

...will be held on Sunday October 13. (2013, of course.) So saith the Chicago Marathon website, which I sort of obsessively check. Obsessive in a way that the event is 11 months away and I check the website once every 10 days or so. So, not exactly stalker obsessive but probably still way too much.

p.s. Uh, on another note I got an email about the Shamrock Shuffle registration beginning on December 3rd. Somebody's smoking crack. For years this has been my January 1st traditional rundown:

1. Shitty Rose Parade,

2. Boring college football,

3. Everyone's cranky from staying up too late,

4. Nobody feels like cooking,

5. That one random store you wanted to go to is actually CLOSED on NYDay,

6. Vacation is almost over,

7. Sign up for Shamrock on Day One of Registration!!!

I wonder if that means they'll move the marathon registration back to Jan 1 instead of Feb? Why am I obsessing about these irrelevant details? I don't know, except that I don't like change.

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