Sunday, September 23, 2012

last double digit run before the marathon!

i should be excited, right? ok, i guess i am! earlier this week my BFF got me to sign up for a race for today that was at a navy base, 10 nautical miles, which turns out, is 11.5 miles. since i was supposed to do 12, i figured it'd be cool. and like a MINUTE after i got my confirmation email i remember that saturday night was going to be a late night, getting together with college friends. ugh. so, i got home after 2am, and would need to be up and out the door by 5:15 at the latest in order to make it way up north and onto the last shuttle bus at 6:15. this is a short story: DIDN'T HAPPEN. so i ran my 12 miles along the lakefront after all, getting started at about 9am. here's the mileage breakdown:

Mile 1 10:23

Mile 2 10:33

Mile 3 11:07

Mile 4 10:52

Mile 5 11:24 (stopped for GU)

Mile 6 10:32

Mile 7 10:34

Mile 8 10:57 (had an "oh crap, where's my gatorade bottle" moment

Mile 9 11:40 (stopped for GU)

Mile 10 10:34

Mile 11 10:56

Mile 12 10:27

12 miles/2:09:58 (pace 10:50) there were two casualties from this run. 1st one? lost one of my fuel belt water bottles. 2nd? my shin is hurting a lot. one of my friends sugessted i completely rest. the internet says that, as well as ice use heat, too. think I'm gonna try that. the number one goal of marathon training is to make it to the starting line!!!

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