Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i saw this dude...

On the way to pick up the girls today, I came across a scene unfolding. There was a guy laying in the bike lane on the street. He was completely limp--appeared to be unconscious. There was a woman crouched over him, holding his hand, holding a cell phone in her hand. I cant explain why, but she didn't seem to know him, she seemed like a passer-by. Maybe because she seemed concerned, but not totally freaked out. A crowd was gathering on the sidewalk. Cars were waiting, so I sat there. Then I noticed the pool of blood under his head. It was getting huge and running out into the street. Then it was time to move...I drove past trying not to stare. What happened? Who were these people helping him? It must of just happened. As I drove into the intersection, I noticed a woman exiting a car that was double parked with its hazards on. She was walking over to the scene with this weird look on her face. Had she hit him? I don't know. I hope not. I hope not because I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I hope he's ok. Often times you see blurbs about this kinda thing in the paper, and you may not give it much thought. But I can't get it outta my mind. Maybe he's ok. Maybe it's just a head wound, and head wounds bleed a lot, and it looked far worse than it was. I hope he's ok. I hope his friends as family are near him. I hope they know that people were there with him.


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