Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cool Running Tools

I love this pace calculator by Cool Runnings. What I really like is that you can input your own miles, OR by standard running event. This is a nice feature because a half marathon, for example, is not exactly 13.1 miles...so you get as close to your true pace as possible. This is perfect for the obsessive compulsive runner. http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/4/4_1/96.shtml

Another really nice tool is the Paul Ryan marathon pace calculator found here: http://www.paulryantimecalculator.com

I put in my half marathon time and got this:

"Your Half Marathon time: 02:22:00

Your Paul Ryan-adjusted Half Marathon time: 1:42:57

The current Women's World Record for Half Marathon is 1:05:50.

Your Paul Ryan-adjusted time is only 37:00 away from a new Paul Ryan-certified world record!"

This post is brought to you by citizens for equal opportunity laughs...admit it, you know you wanna laugh!

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