Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another long run

It's the weekend, and you know that that means...another long run! I ran my 18 miles last week--technically a week early on my training schedule--with the idea of possibly getting in an extra long run, maybe another 18 miler, or even 19. However, as the week progressed I decided against it. My right hamstring has been noticeably sore, my knees generally hurting throughout the day. Not bad pain by any means, but just noticeable. So I decided against a punishing really long run and opted for a middle distance run of 11 miles. This week I will take it easy as well so that I'm in good shape for the Chicago Half Marathon next week. I'm going after another 1/2 P.R. (personal record.) September also kicks off Black Girls Run-Chicago's 100-mile challenge. What's Black Girls Run? Here's a link. Anyway, here's the stats of my run:

Mile 1 10:26

Mile 2 10:50

Mile 3 10:50

Mile 4 11:13

Mile 5 11:47 (Took a GU walking break)

Mile 6 11:15

Mile 7 11:10

Mile 8 10:48

Mile 9 11:42 (Another GU walking break)

Mile 10 11:24

Mile 11 10:52

I'm pleased with this run. I didn't run too hard (duh, the purpose of the "long, slow runs" in marathon training.) I feel good!! And I'm 11% towards my 100 miles for the BGR Chicago challenge.

Downtown Chicago with clouds hanging low, view from 3900 South on the lakefront path.

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