Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Does it count as long as I started writing this post on Thursday? Here goes:

Thursday Thirteen—personal favorite tv show clips (in no particular order

13. Martin Wins the Lottery…

12. Will and Carlton in the Las Vegas dance contest.

11. Real World Season 1…this link isn’t anything but the beginning of the show, but this is when Real World was real…Julie and Kevin’s in-your-face argument in the middle of the street regarding race was a real as it gets. Real World seasons 1-3 were the best.

10. Different World…the Black History/mammy episode. The best part is the end with Nikki Giovanni’s poem. Love this episode. At the risk of sounding old and bitter, they just don’t make shows like this anymore.

9. Roseanne…loved this show set in the fake Chicago suburb of Lanford, IL. Here’s one of the funniest scenes ever when Roseanne’s dad died…and it’s actually Jackie who steals the scene. Honorable Mention: When Roseanne went from sitcom to serious

8. Tom and Jerry…fast forward to the song at 4:50.

7. The Office…this show has kept me sane over the last 7 or 8 years. While EVERY show is funny, this scene is one of the best and most “comedically complex.” Excuse the video quality.

6. What’s Happening…the funniest scene ever from this show, in my opinion. Every once in awhile the song pops into my head, off-key and all.

5. Happy Days…The Fonz was the original player HA! I could watch this scene over a million times.

4. Monday Night Football. I will never, ever forget seeing this unfold on live television. (shudder—not for those with weak stomachs. Nauseating.) Honorable MNF mention, if you got 20 minutes, watch this recap of the best MNF game I ever saw, October 2000 in a Chicago north side sports bar, part 1: sets the tone for part 2, the awesomest comeback ever. It’s almost as if Vinny’s whole football existence was meant for this game. Ok, and of course there was the return of Michael Vick: And yes, I saw all of these games live.

3. An ode to my favorite tv theme song ever: My runner up: What happened to the art of the tv theme song?

2. Seinfeld. There are a million scenes that I could pick. This episode cracks me up: My runner up:

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Love this show. The show took on new life with the arrival of The Black’s.

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