Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Weigh In Day - New Meeting

I think I'm officially changing my weigh in day to Fridays and will try to work remotely at Starbucks until the 11am meeting, go to the meeting over an early lunch, and then head to the office for the remainder of my work day. I did the exact thing (above) this Friday, and liked it. Other than the fact that instead of my usual workout clothes (read: light as a feather) I had on jeans for the weigh in. I'm guessing it added another pound of clothes and maybe my loss was a bit more, but really? At this weight, does it really matter? No, however I will aim to wear the same thing each week from here on out.

Below are some differences from this meeting and the one I was attending on Saturday mornings closer to home (not work and the girls school.)

Old meeting: Average age 60s
New meeting: Average age 30s

Old meeting: I'm walking every day.
New meeting: I'm training for a half marathon and it says I earned 23 activity points on my 8 mile run. Is this possible? Should I eat them?

New meeting: I have trouble eating up what my kids don't clean off of their plates. Does anyone have any good strategies?
Old meeting: Why wouldn't your kids clean their plates?

New Meeting: Friday night flex points. For me, there is no better way to cap off a long work week than a nice veggie thin crust pizza.
Old Meeting: Oh DAMN. Salty pizza the night before a weigh in? pizza = high sodium = potential shady weigh in (at least for me.)

So the new meeting really fits better into my current lifestyle. I seem to have more in common with them. Nothing wrong with the other meeting, but I think I can learn more now from people who deal with some of the same things I deal with: younger children; training for endurance events; etc...

Now I know a few months back there was some random chick who got all offended by my mention of the average age at my WW meeting. (?) Anyway, haven't seen her since--actually I think she chose to add a comment anonymously-LAME. If you're reading and are offended again, please feel free to not read my blog.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the new meeting. Turns out one woman is running the Rock-n-Roll Half in Vegas that I signed up for. How cool is that?

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Krystle kjb Bailey said...

LOL that's so funny the difference in ages. Glad you enjoyed your new meetings. I must say I kinda miss going to meetings. I do WW online now because I have a 9 month old and don't have time for meetings and as much as I love it.. i miss the consistency of the scale at WW (although that doesn't allow me to WI naked like I do at home! LOL) and the interaction of actual people and not just online people lol.