Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Note to self

Dear self,

Please remember to not really expect good race photos. Rarely will an action shot with one leg hitting the ground at 50 zillion pounds of force, the other up in the air, with arms flailing, look good. It's certainly not an ego booster. Unless you are some sort of Olympic athlete or something.

Your nurturing soul

Photo: Olympian Runner Kara Goucher (and winner of the Inaugural Run of the Rock-n-Roll Chicago Half Marathon! Yeah...she came in first OVERALL, women AND men!)


RBR said...

Oh, do I know that one. So sad, but so true.

Betsy said...

Kara is so awesome.

Roisin said...

Yeah, unless your legs are 100% muscle, it never looks good. *Sigh*