Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Week that Kicked Butt (or more appropriately titled "The Week that Was")

AWESOME WEEK! I bounced back from a terrible Shamrock Shuffle and living on the fringe of lethargicness for quite some time now. So here is my weekly wrap up:

-Up at 4:45, out the door at 5am, at the gym by 5:15!
-Ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym. They have some NICE treadmills!
-Lower body weight training. I like the idea of splitting up lower/upper body, because then I have more time to add extra machines in that I might not have time for if trying to fit it all in during one session.

-same up-and-at-em moves
-Ran 3 miles on the treddy again. 2 days in a row?! Wow, that hasn't happened in a long time!
-Upper body weight training. HATE IT, my arms are weak. WEAK.

-up nice-n-early again, this time waking up before my friendly alarm
-Elliptical for some cross training of sorts. A nice change of pace.
-Lower body weights. LOVE IT. My legs are very strong, and I always feel like Superwoman when I get done. I plan on no knee injuries like last year, or at least due to a lac of strength training.

-2 miles easy breezy
-Upper body weights. Chest and arms still soar from Wednesday.

-7 miles! This is my farthest distance this season, HOORAY. I was very nervous, and my poor sweet Garmin was not working, so I had to gauge time by my cell phone. My finish time of 1:26 puts me just over pace at 12:18. That finish time doesn't include the 5-minute coughing fit I had when pausing for some Gatorade. UGH!

Anyway, I'm just happy I met every goal this week. I hope to string many similar weeks together like this and achieve some good results come the end of the summer. WOO HOO!!!

Well it's late and I'm tired, sorry my writing isn't any more entertaining.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Looks like a great week. Good job on the 7 miler with a nice pace.

Lou said...

You did kick butt this week. I'm impressed. I need to step it up on the cross training cardio I think.

Roisin said...

That is quite a week of running! I love those weeks, where you feel like fitness a professional ;)

Nice work on the 7 miler...Saturday was windy!!!

Lindy said...

Yeah, except I watched "Spirit of the Marathon" over the weekend...when Deena was clocking weeks well over 100 miles. ;)