Thursday, September 11, 2008

Run #83 GASP, two midweek runs?

Date: September 11 at 5:30am
Place: home on the treadmill (why is that room so HUMID?! UGH!)
Mileage: 3
Time It Took: 35:38
Pace: 11:52....I'll take it
Mileage this week: 6
Miles this month: 9
2008 Goal: 473.27/1000

Thoughts/Comments: What's worse than running on a treadmill in a humid room at 5:30 in the morning? Running on a treadmill in a humid room at 5:30 in the morning WITH NO IPOD! (needed charging.) And what's worse than THAT???

(If you're easily grossed out, stop reading...)

Ok, so I set my clothes out the night before, where are those pants? Dangit. Dare I go back up the creeky stairs and more than likely wake up the world's lightest sleeper known as Zoe. Out of the corner of my eye I spied the laundry basket.,.with MONDAY'S running clothes in it. And in my mind it was my surest option of getting in that much needed run. So I put on my stinky running shorts. Still, some 3 days later, WET. Eeeeeeew, nasty. Disgusting. But Zoe didn't wake up and dangit, I met my goal of keeping my legs moving before my date with the unknown....the Chicago Half Marathon. It's not unknown in not ever having done the race--or the's an unknown with the extreme lack of training and poor preparation.

I've found in running you sometimes do crazy things that you wouldn't normally do...drink from a water fountain on the lakefront path b/c it's hot as hades, you're out of water and who cares if that dog just left from getting his water-lapping on (Yes, I've done this). Now I will add "wearing 3-day old nasty stinky running clothes" to the crazy things I wouldn't normally do. Please be assured that I would never, EVER do this while running outside or with people...offensive odors before you've broken a sweat, (clothes, morning breath, et al) are absolutely unnacceptable. I mean, runners, am I right or am I right? Help me out here!

Anyway, carry on friends! I've got a busy weekend and upcoming week. I'm baking/decorating 500 cookies (yes, you read that right) for an event next week. from now through the end of the month, I will have baked and decorated 870 cookies in cookie orders. YIKES x 3.


Jaime said...

Goooooood luck this weekend!!!!!

Lou said...


Please. I wear dirty running clothes all the time. I kind of figure if I give it about 10 minutes it's all going to stink anyway.

However, I do not have ANY PROBLEM doing the following while running: 1) spitting excessively and 2) blowing my nose on my sleeve. Nothing but class here.

Roisin said...

That's a lot of cookies.

Summer said...

I've done it too! I think at some point all runners/athletes have. I think if I baked 870 cookies I'd only have 500 for my customers. The others would find a nice home in my belly!