Monday, May 26, 2008

When the Blog World and Real World Collide

So in my Soldier Field race report I mentioned that I met one of Lou's friends, Angela, whom I've known as simply '@" when mentioned in Lou's blog, plus reading her blog too. She's real cool, too. Well I also got to meet Felecia, b/k/a thyckchyck from my 'extra pounds" blogging world--this is where I've been blogging continuously since January 2007. Anyway, she was in town for a wedding that happened to be on Sunday, which means she had some free time on Saturday.

So after the Soldier Field 10-Mile, I went home, got ready for my day, got the girls ready (b/c God forbid my husband dare attempt to dress them or fix their hair). So me and the girls rode out to the burbs to pick her up.

Let me tell you, though I've never spoken to her before this weekend, she's is EXACTLY like she writes in her blogs! Bubbly personality, fun to be around, etc... We came back into Chicago, ate at Flat Top Grill near Oprah's studio, drove around to see the sites a bit, went by Garret's Popcorn, drove around some more, and that was our day. She took pictures, so I will enhance this post with some of them. Lazy me, I did bring my camera, but I figured that since its digital, I can just wait to get her pictures. I was trying to keep my girls corralled, they can be a challenge sometimes.

I love my babies, but sorta wish I could have left them with the hubby so we could REALLY hang out...but he had already given up his morning, and he had an appointment for work in the afternoon, and then went to go buy a lawnmower to take care of the forest in our backyard.

I'm writing this on Monday morning...soon I will head out to the crowning activity of my Memorial Day weekend, the RIdge Run 5K. My legs have been pretty stiff since Saturday. I'm not sure if it's going to rain. It stormed all night, the thunder was REALLY loud, it jarred me out of my sleep several times. Had Jada not already been sleeping next to me, those loud thunderclaps would have sent her running for sure. But I suppose since she was already next to me, her comfort level allowed her to sleep thru it. Zoe, on the other hand, has been in her bed since I returned her there around 11pm. Sigh.

Anyway, I hope I get the chance to hang out with Felecia again, she's lots of fun. I know she's gonna make this NYC dream of hers happen, so sooner or later I'll be out in ny again for a visit. I used to go all the time...when I could get tickets at a decent price. But now high price tickets x 3 (Jada and Zoe now are full price tickets), well, do the math. Jada has been to NY 3 times in her short life, and Zoe, once. They love their "Auntie BiBi".

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