Sunday, May 25, 2008

Run #42 Shamrock Shuffle 8K Race Report from 3/30/08

Date/Time: March 30th at 9:30am (but it took 20 minutes to get to the start line)
Place: Downtown Chicago, Grant Park; 40˚ and a very light mist of rain
Mileage: 8K (4.96 miles)
Time It Took: Unofficial-55:21 Official-55:17
Pace: 11:07 not bad at all
Miles this week: 7.96
Miles this month: 77.59
2008 Goal: 238.56/1000

Thoughts/Comments: I suppose I have gotten enough rest for my knee. It hurt just a bit, but it was really fine. I need to get back to the training, this is it. One month to go. Anyway, it was super packed. My best friend Annah came and scooped me and we parked in the south loop. We got over to the race start area and it was like sardines. There was no way I was gonna find Lou and Meg, my summer running buddies. We talked on the phone, but I never saw them. After we FINALLY hit the start line, I didn’t see my friend Annah until after the race either. She’s way faster than me. It was a nice race. I couldn’t help but think that the last time I ran up Columbus Drive to State Street, it was nearly 90˚ the day of the Chicago Marathon! I stopped to get Gatorade twice, walking only to drink and then I kept going. I also noticed that my right foot was completely numb by mile 3, I probably tied my shoes too tight. I decided that since it was just an 8K, I wouldn’t stop. It was really good to get out there and run a race, I’m looking forward to another running season in Chicago, but once the weather gets a little nicer! Oh, as I was passing through the finish line, I kept hearing someone on the megaphone yelling "Runner Down! Runner Down!" I hope it was just someone feeling nauseated and nothing serious. I did see someone throwing up some gatorade, too. Running can be ugly. Sorry to disgust you.

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